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• Rough-sawn lumber in any dimension up to 20 feet long
• Lumber from timber species native to Central Oregon
• Firewood sales
• Delivery options for both lumber and firewood
• Log hauling using our self-loading log truck

our services

the best central oregon has to offer

ponderosa pine

Ponderosa is a readily available resource here in Central Oregon and is appropriate for a variety of applications. Popular uses are board and batten siding, trim/moulding, and general woodworking.

western juniper

Western Juniper is a unique variety of juniper, and is naturally rot and insect resistant. It's an excellent choice for outdoor applications such as fencing, decking, pergolas, and planter boxes.

douglas fir

The quintessential northwest building material, Douglas Fir is well suited for a broad range of applications from siding to flooring.


Offering traditional split firewood as well as bundled slabs from the sawmill, we have what you need to stay warm!  Our split wood is a mixture of all the species we saw on the mill and cut to 16” lengths.  The slab wood is sold in generous 1/3 cord bundles.


Have some logs of your own that need moved?  Let us haul them for you with our self-loading log truck. Equipped with a 10 ton log loader and a net load capacity of 22 tons, we have what it takes to load and transport your timber quickly and efficiently.

and more...

If you've got a project in mind but don't know where to start - let us know! We'd love to help you bring your vision to life. Custom millwork can add a unique and beautiful look to whatever space you're working on. Reach out today to chat about everything we offer!